For Trail Maintainers

The Bay Circuit Trails Committee (BCTC) advises and assists BCA trail maintainers. We all have the common goal of a trail that is easy to follow, safe, and fun to explore. Let us help you by providing any assistance and support you may need to maintain your section of one of the major long-distance trails in Massachusetts.

What We Provide

  • Round 4” aluminum BCT medallions for marking the route and aluminum nails.
  • Help and advice in evaluating, marking, and maintaining the trail.
  • Advice to correct trail problems and support for complex projects.
  • Clearinghouse for updated guide descriptions and maps.
  • Map signs for areas where blazes are not permitted.
  • Directional signs where the trail splits, has an alternate route, or has a spur.


NEWLY UPDATED! Bay Circuit Trail Stewardship Guide_2017 ed (full PDF version)

Trail Stewardship Guide Sections – Individual Fact Sheets


If you need assistance on any trail maintenance issues or would like any of our publications mailed to you, please contact the BCTC member who represents your town:

AMC Trail Building Services

From trail design and planning to bridge construction and campsite development AMC’s Professional Trail Crew can help you complete your trail project. To find out more visit our trail services page.