Love getting outside…and giving back?

The Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway is grassroots and exists because of volunteer efforts!
There are many ways to get involved:

Volunteer for Trails

Contact the local Bay Circuit Trail maintainer in your town. There are many ways to get involved! For example…take part in your town trail committee…lead nature walks and hikes to involving scouts, schools, senior citizen or other community organizations in using the BCT…become a trail marker and maintainer…share your specialized skills or knowledge, such as GIS/mapping, photography, construction, etc…

Take part in rail work events with the Appalachian Mountain Club: Day-long trail work parties at locations across the BCT. No experience needed!


While You’re On the Trail:

  • Help us keep the trail guide and maps accurate by reporting any issues you’ve noticed on trails or maps.
  • Do you like to get outside and write? Take photographs? Play music? We would love to hear from you! Share your experiences on the BCT and how the outdoors inspires you creatively by:

Support the Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway

  • If there is no local trail group or land trust in your town, work to establish one. Contact the BCA office for suggestions and sources of information.
  • Give political and financial support to local land trusts and organizations that try to preserve open space.